The world cup stadium in Nuremberg, Germany

World cup 2006 stadium Nuremberg

The world cup stadium Nuremberg – a soccer stadium for the world cup 2006

From 1926 to 1928 the world cup stadium Nuremberg, better known as the Franken-Stadion was built. Near a little lake, the “Dutzendteich” a huge park for sports and spare time was originated. With tenniscourts, lido, resting areas and the stadium for 50,000 visitors it was a place for everyone to spend his free time.
After 1945 the US-Armee took this place as its sports field.From 1963 on it was the soccer field for the team of 1.FC Nurnberg.
From 1987 to 1991 it was completely renovated.To be well prepared for the soccer world cup 2006 in Germany the Franken-Stadion was restored into good condition again from 2003 to 2005. All seats were changed; before they were green ones, now they are red.
A new building for VIPs and media was opened and the capacity of roofed seats was rised to 44,300. The costs of 56 million Euro are carried by the government of Bavaria and the city of Nuremberg.

Max-Morlock-Platz 190471
Telefon: 09 11/94 07 90
Fax: 09 11/9 40 79 77

Five world cup matches will take place in the world cup stadium Nuremberg in 2006. For each match 36,900 tickets are available. Getting tickets is only possible in one of the five ticketing periods:

  1. 1.February 2005 to 31.March 20050
  2. 2.May 2005 to 15.November 2005
  3. 1.December 2005 to 15.January 2006
  4. 1.February 2006 to 15.April 2006
  5. 1.May 2006 to 9.July 2006

Orders can be made per email on or by post at following address:

2006 FIFAWord Cup ™ Ticketing Center
60583 Frankfurt am Main

Match schedule world cup stadium Munich

11.June 2006
Match group D
15.June 2006
Match group B
18.June 2006

Match group F

22.June 2006
Match group E
25.June 2006
Round of sexteeen


Ticket pricelist

Group matches
Quarter final
Cathegorie 1
100 €
120 €
Cathegorie 2
60 €
75 €
Cathegorie 3
45 €
60 €
Cathegorie 4
35 €
45 €


Nuremberg is looking forward to host the world’s best soccer teams during the world cup 2006 in Germany. But the soccer fans should not forget to visit the old town of Nuremberg, which is one of the most romantic city of all german metropolis.


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