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A visit in Salzburg, the Mozart–city is always a special experience. The beautiful town at the river Salzach connects a magnificent past with a lively present. You meet the heritage of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and mighty archbishops in Salzburg. The whole ancient town with its unique harmony had been declared as Cultural Heritage of the World in 1997.

General Information
Salzburg lies in the western part of Austria, near the border to Germany, Bavaria. It has 146,000 inhabitants and almost 7 million visitors every year.
The town has excellent traffic connections. The Salzburg airport W.A. Mozart is only 5 km from the city and has its own highway exit. Austrian airlines offers flights from and to the most important european destinations.


Flight information by Salzburg Airport Services:Telefon +43/(0)662/8580-251.
Another possibility for reaching Salzburg is per train. The main railway station is located in the city.Informations about bus and train-connections you get here:

Salzburger VerkehrsVerbund Ges.m.b.H.
Schrannengasse 4
A-5020 Salzburg
Tel.:0043662 632900
Fax:0043662 632901

Informations about Salzburg hotels and hotels in Salzburg and round the town give the following tourist information centers:

tourist info salzburgInformation Mozartplatz
Mozartplatz 5
A-5020 Salzburg

Information Hauptbahnhof
Bahnsteig 2a
A-5020 Salzburg


1,000 to 450 BC the winning of salt and the trade with the “white gold” let develop a settlement.
50 AC The romans called it “Juvavum”.
700 BC St. Ruppert came to Salzburg,founded a monastery and began to build the Peterskirche.
1167 Friedrich Barbarossa let the town burn down. It was rebuilt, the fantastic dome was built and a growing of arts began
13.-17.th centuries The city walls were built, the region developed under the prince-archbishops. The bourgoisie became rich by trade with far countries and supported the growing of fine arts.
27.01.1756 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in his family’s house in Getreidegasse 9
1816 The independence of Salzburg found an end in the Napoleonic Wars and became a part of Austria
1920 The first Salzburg Festival took place with the drama “Jedermann”
1967 The world famous conductor Herbert von Karajan founded the Salzburg Easter Festival

The ancient town of Salzburg is placed on UNESCO's list of the world's cultural heritage sites.

salzburg mozartA walk through Salzburg’s old alleys, a visit to Mozart’s birthplace and Mozart’s home, a view from the flowering Mirabellgarden up to the Hohensalzburg fortress, listening to Mozart’s wonderful music-this means a festival for all senses.

The best starting point for a sightseeing tour by foot is the Residenzplatz directly in front of the palace and its three courts of the former archbishops. The main attraction of the 180 halls are the splendour rooms. Wonderful wall paintings and stucco from famous artists can be admired.

Further on to the cathedral with its mighty dome and the twin tower front built from 1614 to 1628. It was the first baroque church north the alps. Precious objects, cathedral treasure and artificial objects are displayed in the cathedral museum.

The Hohensalzburg fortress is the biggest completely preserved middle-age castle in Europe. Standing on the terrace you enjoy a breathtaking view over the landscape.The highlight inside the fortress is the golden room with a Majolika oven and the golden hall.

Back from the fortress hill you find the festival district. In the seventeenth century the stables and the riding schools for the archbishops horses were built here. After the second world war and in the fifties were build the small and the large festival hall. These are the central stages for the performances of the Salzburg festivals inJuly and August.

mozart salzburgIn the Getreidegasse is one of the most popular place in Salzburg. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace. On January, 27 1756 he was born here. The house can be visited and is equipped as a museum mit portraits and original instruments of the important artist.

Concerning Mozart you find everything and every souvenir you ever desired in Salzburg. A delicious, world famous sweet, the original Mozartkugel was created here. It is the classic gift from Austria made of pistache-marzipan, chocolate nut cream covered with dark chocolate.

Palace Mirabell with a wonderful garden is a place where you can relax and listen to a concert in the famous marble hall.

Palace Hellbrunn was built for archbishop Markus Sittikus from 1612 to 1615. With its fantastic sculptures, the amphitheatre and the fountains it served to the bishop’s amusement. Not to forget the zoo Hellbrunn with over 400 aminals.

Cultural live
Salzburg is famous all over the world for the festivals with dramas, operas and Mozart’s opus.But there are also other interessting events and locations to visit.
The casino Salzburg
5071 Wals-Siezenheim
Schloss Kleßheim
Tel.: +43/662/85 44 55
Fax: +43/662/85 44 55-222

Stiegl’s Brauwelt-the world of beer. This is an adventure brewery with beer-tasting and guided tours through the brewery.
Bräuhausstr. 9

Many excellent restaurant offer the typical austrian specialities. Salzburger Nockerl is a sweet meal made of eggs and vanilla sugar-a light delicious soufflée. Kaiserschmarrn or Palatschinken, also typical sweet meals can be tasted, a cool fresh beer or ham of the Salzburg region, there are so many things to discover in and around Salzburg Austria.






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