The octoberfest-a world famous bavarian event

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The octoberfest , its history and costumes

In Bavaria, there is a fifth season, the season of the octoberfest. Everybody is looking forward to it all over the year. It begins end of September and lasts fourteen days. This is the time, when the octoberfest takes place in munich. Hundredthousands of people from all over the world flock to Bavaria’s capital to celebrate this event with the locals.

History of Octoberfest
The octoberfest began as a horse race in 1810 which took place to honor the marriage between Princess Theresa and the crown prince Ludwig of Bavaria. In 1811 the race was repeated together with an agricutural fair. The locality of the octoberfest was called “Theresienwiese”, after the princess Theresa. The fair was so popular that it was repeated every year and grew bigger and bigger.The munich beer brewers as Paulaner, Löwenbrau and Spaten produced then and now a special beer for the occasion.


octoberfestTraditional octoberfest costumes
The locals often wear their traditional bavarian costumes when visiting the octoberfest.
Men wear a lederhosn that is a pair of trousers made of leather with a pair of braces. The most exclusive type is made of deer’s leather, which is soft and strainable.Artificial embroideries with bavarian motives are on the braces. A white shirt made of linen is suitable with the lederhosn, which can be short or ends below the knees.
Hand-knitted stockings made of pure wool and black shoes complete the outfit.

Attractions at the octoberfest
Almost 6 million people visited the octoberfest. The main attraction, which is unique in the world are the 14 huge beer tents with seat for 100.000 guests. The munich breweries run the largest tents which are
Augustiner Festhalle ( brewery Augustiner Bräu )
Bräurosl (brewery Pschorrbräu)
Hackerbräu-Festhalle (brewery Hacker)
Hofbräu Festzelt (brewery Hofbräu)
Lowenbräu Festhalle (brewery Löwenbräu)
Ochsenbraterei (brewery Spatenbräu)
Winzerer Fähndl (brewery Paulaner).

In every tent plays a special bavarian brass band called “Blasmusi”. The members of the band wear traditional costumes, “lederhosn” and a bavarian hat.
The beer is served in 1-litre-glasses, the “Mass”. If you want to order this, you order: “Fräulein, a Mass!”.Fräulein is called the waitress, who always wears a beautiful “dirndl”. For a real bavarian meal you order a “Radi” (raddish), “Obatzda” (cheese and butter mixed with spices and onions) with pretzels, a half roasted chicken or a “Steckerlfisch “ (trout on a wooden stick roasted over coals). After this “Brotzeit” you have fun with the 80 booths, roller-coasters and shooting galleries outside. There is something for everyone’s taste !





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