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Index of Munich to Vienna via Salzburg

Munich in germany is often described as “world city with a heart”, or even better as “world village”.The incomparable charm of munich lies in its small-town flair though beiing a world city, a feeling of holiday and “Gemutlichkeit”.Munich’s landmark are the two towers of the Church of Our Lady, and not the modern building as the BMW-building or the Olympia-tower. Munich is cosmopolitan, but with a provincial character. It has an unique flair that is necessary to discover when visiting the city.

General information
Munich has 1,3 mio inhabitants and is the capital of Bavaria. Here is also the seat of the bavarian government. The town is located in Upper Bavaria , just a stone’s throw from the bavarian alps. Garmisch Partenkirchen is just 120 km away.
Excellent transport links lead to munich. There are 8 motorways, 2 ICE and 4 IC rail connections and of course the international munich airport “Franz-Josef-Strauss”. It offers 2,000 european and 200 intercontinental flights to munich per week.Interesting are also the facts of cultural life:-17 castles and palaces, 46 museums, 56 theatres, -7 world-famous public orchestras, 5,000 restaurants,
44,000 hotel beds -and – last but not least the Octoberfest.

Index of Munich to Vienna via SalzburgA few historical facts
In 1158 duke Henry the Lion established a settlement called “ze de Munichen” (close to the monks), because it was situated near a monastery. During the middle age Munich was ruled by the Wittelsbach dynasty and grew to a centre of trade.
1632 the Swedish king Gustav Adolph invaded the town, and soon after the plague, which reduced the city’s population by a third, to around 9,000.
Under Ludwig 1st (1825-1848) Munich grew into a flourishing university city and centre of science and art. Under the regency of Ludwig much of the impressing architecture in Munich was realized. The Ludwigstrasse and the imposing Königsplatz demonstrated then and now his kingdom’s wealth.
In 1864 Ludwig 2nd, better known as the “Mad King” took over the throne. He is the most famous king in Bavaria, his portrait can be found on many souvenirs. He created some of the main attractions in Bavaria, attracting hundredthousands of visitors every year. These are the fantastic castles and palaces Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and finally Herrenchiemsee on an island in lake Chiemsee in the south of Upper Bavaria.
Ludwig loved French culture and architecture and was a protegé to Richard Wagner, the famous german composer. But Ludwig was not a happy king. The people didn’t appreciate him, because he spent huge sums in his castles and the arts. In 1886 he was forced to give up the regency and short after, on June 13th he drowned in lake Starnberg under mysterious circumstances. Until today it is not exactly clear what happened.
Ludwig 2nd was the last king of Bavaria and gave us a few of the most beautiful castles in Germany.

Munich Map

Map Munich Salzburg Vienna

The best way to discover Munich’s sights and flair is a walk through the Old Town. Many of the famous sights can be found in the historical centre between Karlstor and Isartor.
munich streetcarThe Marienplatz is the heart of the Old Town with the world-famous carillon. At 11 am and noon the figures move around in the tower of the Town Hall, the most photographed motive in the town.Along the Theatinerstrasse you find the elegant shopping mile with designer boutiques and stylish cafés and restaurants. At the Odeonsplatz the yellow Theatinerkirche attracts your attention. It’s a fine example for bavarian Baroque churches built in 1662.One of the “musts” to visit in Munich is the Residenz Palace. It was the Wittelsbachs’ home since 1385 and shows a huge complex of buildings in various styles, from Renaissance to neo-Classicism. The Maximilianstrasse is the most exclusive street, offering expensive and valuable goods. The luxury Kempinski hotel “Vier Jahreszeiten” is located there since 1857. At the end of Maximilianstrasse the Nationaltheater with its classical columns appears. Another world-famous attraction is the Hofbrauhaus, known as an earthy inn for locals and foreigners with typical bavarian specialities.

This leads to that thing that makes munich really known worldwide: the octoberfest.
Every year on the last weekend in September the octoberfest starts with a parade of the octoberfest landlords, many people in traditional costumes participate this colourful ceremony. In the huge beer hall tents people enjoy a special brewed beer and a “Brotzeit” , that means pretzels, white sausages or radish. Outside the tents it’s a large fair with roller-coasters, shooting galleries and many other attractions.People from all over the world don’t want to miss this big party. It’s a part of bavarian and especially Munich lifestyle.
Traditional customs, world famous monuments of art, modern life, excellent food specialities and much more – you see, there are many reasons to visit munich !






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