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Alps and their bavarian mountains presented by a native bavarian

alps zillertalIn Bavaria the alps are almost pervasively. For us inhabitants it is normal to see alps mountains around us every day. But sometimes we forget that the alps are one of the most attracting object of interest for visitors and tourist from all countries. As a tourist in bavaria you will probably start your journey in munich, where you arrived by airplane or train. The best way to reach and explore the alps is to rent a car. By car you’re free to choose your daily destination. Very useful is a good map of the region you want to visit.But you can reach the alps also by train. Here in bavaria we have special offers of the Deutsche Bahn for trips to the alps mountains. You can ask for them at any ticket office of the Deutsche Bahn.

The best starting point for a first expedition to the alps is a well known place like Garmisch or Berchtesgaden. Here you find in any case a tourist office. The staff is always very friendly and does everything to fulfill your wishes.Holiday activities in the alpsThere is an enormous variety of activities around the alps for you. Both in summer and winter you find attractive offers for everyone.

Activities in summer
In summer the most popular thing to do in the alps mountains for local inhabitants as well as for tourists is just go a little hiking in the mountains – especially taking that hiking paths where one can find a cozy little mountain inn at the end!There you can relax, enjoying an impressing view of the peaks around you. Let yourself be pampered with a typical bavarian “brotzeit” with ham and cheese and a glas of beer. If you ‘re searching for more action there are different offers in the alps.Very popular since the last years has been mountain-biking in alp mountains. You can join guided tours or find your ways allone. It isn’t too difficult, because there are lots of signpost besides the ways. Also climbing trails are a challenge for sporty fellows. Information where they are located and who can be your guide you’ll find in the tourist offices or from the DAV (Deutscher Alpenverein) which has his head-office in 80997 Munich, Von-Kahr-Str. 2-4, Tel.: 089 / 14003-0. In some localities you find another very fascinating offer:Courses for paragliding and kyte-flying. If you’re interested in that, don’t hesitate to ask in the tourist office!

tourist officeActivities in winter
Guess what the most popular activity in winter in the alps is! Of course, skiing! In alps everyone goes skiing as soon as the first snow has fallen. Many of alps mountains have a ski area with excellent skiing possibilities for all levels of difficulty. Snowboarders are also delighted with these slopes. Every town or village in alps with ski areas has also various possibilities for overnight stay. You find different types of hotels, bed and breakfast and appartements.If you just want to try skiing you can loan ski-equipment and book a few hours with a skiing istructor.Don’t hesitate – just do it! It’s great fun!
Obviously there are other things to spend the time in alps in winter: Cross-country-skiing on well-groomes trails or taking a ride in a horse-slide is also a fascinating experience. And of course – not forget the après-ski !This means after activity in fresh air don’t change your clothes, go to the next bar in your ski-overall and with your ski-boots on and make party! Everyone is singing, dancing and having a funny time. This phenomenon you will meet in every ski-resort in alps mountains.





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